The root of our love for desserts comes from this page right here. Cookies. Cookies are so varied and personable. Their bite size makes for the perfect quench of your sweet tooth (if you can stop yourself at just one)! Starting with the natural memorization of the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, to making sugar cookies at Christmas with my mom, it brings me such joy to be able to provide my hometown with my favorite dessert!

We are currently in the process of streamlining our product offerings, including traditional drop cookies and our popular Italian cookies. These offerings aren’t going anywhere, but check back soon for updated product and pricing offering.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cuccidati Cookies
Pride Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake 2023

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Our decorated sugar cookies usually start around $48/dozen, all designs and custom orders vary in pricing based on the total amount of cookies ordered, the amount of designs requested, and the intricacy of design. Please note, our sugar cookie recipe does include almond extract. Cookies will be boxed upon delivery, with additional costs for tray displays. Individual wrapping available starting at $3/dozen.

Buffalo Bills Cookies
Oh Baby Hexagon Cookies
Taylor Swift Twin Petrels Class 2023 1989 rerelease party
Hawaiian Party Cookies
Bridesmaid Sugar Cookie Set 2021
Butterlamb Cookies
Charcuterie Cookie Box 2024
Christmas Cookies
Dog and Paw Prints cookies