Cake Pops

With over 20 flavors to choose from, cake pops are our specialty! Our cake pops are a mix of baked cake and frosting, which is molded into shapes and dipped into melted candy wafers to create the cutest designs possible, and are available with and without cake pop sticks. Each cake pop created is made fresh and handmade, unique, without any special machine or equipment. They’re great for kids and parties, as they are bite size and less messy than cake or cupcakes. Plus, they are fun to look at and make your special events memorable and extra fun! Hopefully my previous designs will help you decide on a theme, or can help you come up with a new cake pop design that I would be happy to work with you to create!

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Simple Cake Pops

Start at $33/dozen

  • Simple designs in whatever color scheme you’d like
  • Available on or off sticks
  • Add individual wrapping for $3/dozen additional

Themed Cake Pops

Start at $42/dozen

unicorn vday square
  • Themed pops in custom designs- from apples to elaborate characters!
  • Price increases for intricacy of design & multiple designs within an order
  • Themed pops are available in Traditional Flavors only (from the list below)
  • Add individual wrapping for $3/dozen

Cake Pop Flavors

We are currently streamlining our product offerings- the list below includes our most popular flavors that we are currently offering. At the time of your ordering, seasonal flavors and options may be available, so be sure to ask if you’re looking for something in particular. We love trying new flavors and would love your ideas on trying something new for you!

Please be aware, our kitchen is NOT an allergen free kitchen! Wheat, dairy, soy, dairy, and nut products are present at all times. We take special care in sanitizing and crafting your allergen requests, but if you have an allergy that is extremely sensitive, we advise you to NOT eat our products. We cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions caused that were not brought to our attention ahead of time. In particular, if you are looking for nut free products, our cake and candy are nut free, but may have been manufactured in a facility with nuts present, so please keep that in mind. Email us at [email protected] with any additional questions!

Traditional Flavors

White Wedding Cake + Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Cake + Chocolate Buttercream

Funfetti Cake + Vanilla Buttercream

Almond Cake + Cherry Vanilla Buttercream

Red Velvet Cake + Cream Cheese Frosting

Oreo Cake + Cream Cheese Frosting